#18 Paul Hurley

Paul Hurley talks about his struggle with alcoholism and how he turned it around when he was told how damaged his liver was He also talks about completing a half marathon with pneumonia and how he lost 50kg in weight Oh… and he’s officially faster than Jason Gardener This has to be my favourite episode …

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#17 Paul Bassett

Paul talks about being out of shape and working long hours trying to find the time to fit in his training. He was constantly injured and “made of glass” and shares what he did to make sure he remains strong and resilient. Check out this episode!

#16 James St Pierre

Honoured to have my good friend James St Pierre, owner of Unique Results Gym in Chelmsford as my guest He talked about how the fitness industry has changed in his 22 years of experience… from teaching Aqua Aerobics to training people in their 50s to be able to move well into their old age There’s …

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#14 Your Questions Answered

For fellas in their 40s who want to get in shape I’ve been running online sessions and there were a few questions as a result… So I answered them and decided to put them here for YOU If you want to know more then head over to the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bathkettlebellsociety/ Check out this episode!

#11 How To Keep On Winning

Do you find that you have more and more experiences to add to your list of failures in life?In this episode I’ll show you how to turn this around with a simple process that will completely change your perspective, help you stack up your wins and continue to build upon them.   Struggling to stay …

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#10 What Will Your Final Words Mean?

After listening to the final words of a friend of mine who died of cancer on 30 March 2020 I started to think about the message he was sending and what really matters Check out this episode!

#9 Everything’s F*cked

How to regain control when all around you is CHAOS And a FREE Pandemic Cook Book (just cos I’m nice like that)    Grab your FREE Pandemic Batch Cookbook by entering your name and email below   Name: Email: We respect your email privacy Powered by AWeber Email Marketing   Check out this episode!